Houses are blocking the roads

Local residents, and even those as far as four hours away, drove in donated supplies. Volunteers sorted them by weight, size, and type, then loaded them onto the small planes, which left immediately for the impacted areas.

Tall pine trees splintered like toothpicks and are strewn about the landscape. Houses are blocking the roads, after being torn from their original resting spots and dropped in rubble by raging winds and rains. People are starving, looting, dying in the streets. Help cannot make it to them. They are alone in darkness after the ravages of Hurricane Michael.

Hurricanes Matthew, Florence, Harvey, Irma and more have left areas of the states of Texas, North and South Carolina, and Florida in ruins

… “This is a labor intensive endeavor, but when you think about what you are doing, it’s so important,” said Erin Porter, marketing manager for Gainesville Regional Airport, who spent her days navigating the volunteer space while airport business piled up on her desk.

“I’ll get to all my work, but this takes precedent right now,” she said. “I might be exhausted, but at least I can go home and take a bath and sleep in a bed that hasn’t been destroyed.”

… The pilots made trips back and forth between Gainesville and the Panhandle, including Destin, Panama City, Marianna, and Mexico Beach, which has been completely obliterated.

Via Darlena Cunha @ Dame Magazine